Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

For high bidirectional axial and moderate radial loads, tolerating static and dynamic misalignment

Maximising roller diameter, length and quantity in conjunction with an optimised roller/raceway profile, NACHI achieves the highest load ratings in the world
• NACHI developed R-shape steel cage design maximises lubrication flow – reducing heat generation and extending permissible speed
• NACHI standard heat stabilisation treatment allows for operating temperature up to 200 °C with minimal dimensional changes

Applications: Injection moulding machines and vertical hollow shaft pumps, excavator, mill and crane hook

Aligning angle
Maximum permissible misalignment angle is about 2° under general service conditions. If the aligning advantages of this bearing type are to be realized, care must be taken to provide clearance for parts in the surrounding structure.

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Ball Screw Support Bearings
Bore Diameter 60 - 530mm

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