Magnetic Clutch Bearings

For high-speed applications with outer ring rotation, moderate radial and axial loads     as well as tilting moments

Nr. 1 IN THE WORLD    
NACHI has earned >50% market share in auto A/C pulleys due to a wide range of bearing internal designs, seals, cages and materials as well as special grease developments
• Thin cross-section bearing to satisfy unique inner to outer diameter ratio requirements

Applications: Automobile air-conditioners and other engine accessories

• Seal-design is excellent for grease retention and to avoid water ingress.
• Bearing can be used under high-rotating speeds
• Grease is excellent for high temperature, high rotating speed, vibrating conditions (Flaking) and it is environmentally friendly.
• High heat resistant resin cage

FNS grease series does not contain sodium nitrite.


DST seal
Outside contact-Lips improves grease retaintion.
Excellent for high rotating speed because of light contact.

DL seal
Inside contact-Lips improves grease retaintion and suitable for high rotating speed.
Excellent for minimizing water and dust intrusion.

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Double-row Angular Contact Ball Bearings for Car Air Conditioning Magnetic Clutch
Bore Diameter 30 - 75mm
Please contact us regarding other sizes.

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