Thrust Ball Bearings

For uni- and bidirectional moderate axial loads

• Separable components are interchangeable, which facilitates mounting, dismounting and maintenance inspections
• Bearings with sphered housing washers permit angular misalignment between shaft and housing as well as accommodate misalignment between the support surfaces in the housing and on the shaft

Applications: Industrial fans, industrial pumps, industrial transmissions, mining, mineral processing and cement

Thrust Ball Bearings are made as single-direction and double-direction bearings. Single-direction Thrust Ball Bearings can sustain an axial load in only one direction, whereas Double-direction Thrust Ball Bearings can sustain bi-directional thrust load.
Both types of Thrust Ball Bearings cannot sustain a radial load. Both Thrust Ball Bearings are available with aligning housing washers for mating with a housing having an aligning surface radius. Aligning seat washers with an aligning surface radius are also available for ease of design and mounting against a flat housing shoulder.
The Bearings with a polyamide cage are indicated suffix G at bearing number on package surface.

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Single-direction Thrust Ball Bearings
Bore Diameter 10 - 152400mm
Series 2900/3900/0

Extra Small and Miniature Thrust Ball Bearings
TAM Type/TG Type (Banded)
Bore Diameter 3 - 8mm

Double-direction Thrust Ball Bearings
Bore Diameter 15 - 220mm

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